I3C & DIM – Enhanced Liver Detoxification

I3C & DIM is extract from cruciferous vegetables called I3C known to favorably modulate estrogen and potentially reduce the risk of certain cancers. I3C regulates many genes that are important for the control of cell cycle, cell proliferation, signal transduction, and other cellular processes. Diindolylmethane, or DIM has been shown to promote production of beneficial interferon gamma by breast cancer cells and activates cellular stress response pathways in breast, prostate, and cervical cancer cells. This response mimics the reaction of cells deprived of adequate nutrition, further enhancing the cells’ susceptibility to destruction




I3C & DIM is a combination of two synergistic products, indole-3-carbinol and di-indole-methane.  Both are cruciferous extracts.  They work together to enhance liver detoxification, support the production of glutathione and has been shown to  alter estrogen metabolism in both men and women.  I3C converts cancer-causing estrogen into safe estrogen.  This combination prevents the progression of hormone sensitive cancers such as breast, prostate, cervical and colon cancers

Contains 60 capsules.

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